XERION Special Thermal Systems for Research

Special systems for research

Testing system for ceramic heating elements with direct heating

Client: Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics ITEP Moscow / Russia

In this ultra-high vacuum facility,

special components are treated at temperatures up to 1,200°C and a vacuum of 1x10e-8 mbar. The vacuum is generated by a three-stage pumping station. All inner surfaces of the reactor are electropolished.

Research reactor 1.800°C / 50 bar

Client: TU München / Germany

Research reactor 1.800°C / 50 bar

This entrained flow reactor allows investigations at temperatures up to 1,800°C and pressures up to 50 bar. The total height of the plant is over 8 meters. Two screw conveyors transport the powdery starting material into the reactor channel. The hot gas is strongly cooled down in a quench.

Battery of vacuum furnaces up to 200°C

Client: Electrotherm Industry, Migdal HaEmek, Israel

Battery of vacuum furnaces up to 200°C

This special plant has 10 individual heating chambers, which can be charged with vacuum. Each chamber can be charged and controlled individually. A superordinate control system is used to record the data and edit the temperature cycles.

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