XERION has been a byword for high-tech furnace systems since 1998. XERION equipment has been used on all continents by our customers for their thermal processing stages. Very often, these processes are particularly demanding in terms of accuracy of temperature control and atmospheric management.

XERION is able to meet the highest demands. Both the mechanical and the electrical design of the systems takes place entirely in-house. We are also able to make use of the most modern computing and simulation tools.

A private technical centre supports our customers in choosing the most suitable furnace technology. Our background in manufacturing scientific instruments allows us to speak the same language as material scientists. Our many years of experience in complete technological processes helps us to build up complete production chains.

Lamp furnaces

XERION's lamp furnace systems use halogen lamps and arc lamps as heat sources. The maximum temperature that can be reached is up to 2000°C at the focal point of the radiation. With the very high heat density, ultra-fast heating and cooling processes can be realized.

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Furnaces for testing machines

High-temperature furnaces for the characterization of materials are a specialty of XERION. The thermal systems can be combined with a variety of test frames and measuring sensors. We supply complete systems.

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Chamber furnaces

We supply electrically heated chamber furnaces with large and small volumes for research and production. Extreme demands on temperature homogeneity and air or gas flow in the furnace chamber are met.

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Special systems for research

XERION is your partner for the design and realization of special equipment for research. We are the interpreter for the implementation of your materials-related questions in tangible mechanical engineering.

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